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Yorkshire’s first and largest naturist club!


Please read before contacting us for a visit


Q. Why do I have to make an appointment to visit? Why can’t I just turn up?

A. We have no employees. Everything here is done by member volunteers so we need to be sure there will be a volunteer here to let a visitor in at an agreed time. Much more importantly, we limit the number of day visitors at any one time so that we can give our full attention in showing our facilities and answering questions. This means the slots in our day-visit diary are usually booked 2-3 weeks ahead. Likewise, our camping and Static bookings are usually made weeks in advance. Obviously, you can come and go anytime you like if you become a member!

Q. Why do I have to bring photographic ID?

A. We want proof you are who you say you are, and that you are old enough to visit on your own (18 or over). We keep records as part of our Child Protection Policy.

Q. What happens if I forget my ID?

A. You will be refused entry.

Q. Why should I bring at least one towel?

A. Naturist etiquette, for reasons of hygiene, is that we do not sit on anything with bare bottoms. A dressing gown is an acceptable alternative.

Q. Do you allow Dogs?

A. Yes. We allow well behaved dogs in the care of considerate owners. Dogs must be kept on a lead at ALL times whilst in the Club’s grounds, and owners must clear up after them. With the exception of assistance dogs, dogs are not allowed in any of the Club’s buildings (including the Static Caravan) nor on the sun-bathing lawn in front of the Club House. Persons bringing dogs into the Club’s grounds remain legally liable for them throughout the visit; the Club therefore strongly recommends Personal Legal Liability Insurance. (The Dogs Trust can help with this if needed)

Q. Do you allow tattoos and body piercings?

A. Yes. We accept that fashions change over time. We are not concerned with image; we are concerned with behaviour whilst in our naked environment.

Q. Do you allow photography?

A. Visitors may not take photographs and may not be photographed. No member may be photographed unless they have first given their permission.

Q. When is the Bar open?

A. The bar is usually open at lunchtimes and evenings from Friday evening to Sunday lunchtime.

Q. Do you have a café?

A. No. There is a well-appointed kitchen for self-catering but there’s no café or restaurant, so you need to bring your own food and drink. You also need to bring rubbish sacks because we have no refuse collection and you must take your rubbish with you when you leave.

Q. Can I charge my electric car whilst at the club?

A. No. The club’s electricity supply is not sufficient for charging electric vehicles. We don’t supply Diesel or Petrol either.

Q. How does the club define Naturism?

A. Social nudity in a non-sexual environment; our club is a sanctuary where everyone can do ordinary things without clothes and without any sexual connotations.

Q. When does the real fun start? Where can we best be seen having sex?

A. To be fair these are not frequently asked questions, but both these questions have actually been asked - along with others along the same lines. With tedious regularity we get enquiries by those who simply cannot divorce sex from nudity. We are not asexual, but we wish to emphasise: this is NOT a sex club; we do not swap, swing, orgy, etc, and we do not tolerate any visitor(s) with a sexual agenda.

Q. What should I do if I get a spontaneous erection?

A. It’s unlikely to happen because nudity itself is not sexual. However, if it does, you should cover it up and, we suggest, go take a cold shower! If you walk around with an erection leading the way it will take you, via the changing room, straight to our exit gates never to return again.

Q. Do I have to be naked all the time?

A. No. We suffer from a great deal of common-sense, so if you are outside and the weather is not favourable there is no objection to the wearing of clothes. However, as a for instance, on social occasions in the club house there is an expectation that you will be naked apart from (if you want) footwear or minimal clothing worn for personal hygiene reasons. You must be naked to use the swimming pool, hot tub and sauna.

Q. Do you have other rules for the swimming pool?

A. Yes. Naturally, there are a few rules regarding hygiene and for keeping the pool, sauna and hot tub facilities as clean as possible. Very importantly, for health and safety reasons no person may use any of these facilities unless another adult is present; we do not guarantee there will be another adult present if you visit on your own.

Q. Do I have to wear clothes at any time whilst in the club grounds?

A. No. There is no “clothes curfew” here. You can be naked from the time you enter until the time you leave. This even includes discos and events with outside entertainers; here at YSS you can truly party in the stark!

Q. When do you have entertainment?

A. As a social bunch we try and have some entertainment every Saturday evening but it doesn’t always happen and we don’t guarantee that it will. Visitors are always welcome to join us whenever we have an entertainment event.

Q. Who owns the club?

A. The members. The grounds are owned in trust “for the practice of naturism, sunbathing and recreation where nudity is both desired and encouraged”. The club’s affairs are managed by a committee elected annually by, and from, the membership. There are no shareholders, no dividends; no employees, no wages; no landlords, no rents; the club is run on a mutual benefit basis and the club’s fees are kept to the minimum necessary to pay its way.

Q. My wife is not a naturist, can we become members?

A. No. The club does not accept non-naturists as members.

Q. What is the annual membership fee?

A. Currently £200 a year per person. This is reduced to £120 per person for the first 12 months.

Q. How do we arrange a visit?